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Princess Feng Xin Er, the third daughter of the proud royalty of the Northern Wei Dynasty, was born Li Wei Young. Xin Er is a good person with a sharp mind. She doesn't get much love from her family because she was born on a day that was thought to be bad luck. On a fateful night, Xin Er's kingdom is destroyed in a massacre that is hard to beat. Xin Er managed to get away with her life, but she is now an orphan because she lost her parents. There, she pretends to be Li Wei Young, the daughter of a tutor who saved her life. Wei Young has trouble fitting in because she hates the enemy who destroyed her kingdom and doesn't have the expected feminine graces of her time. But because she is smart and has a good heart, she learns to direct her anger at the people who deserve it and become a nicer person overall. And it's her wisdom and kindness that make two very different men want to be with her. Tuoba Jun is a well-educated, kind, and popular prince who is liked by everyone, including the king. He falls in love with Wei Young. And his younger brother Tuoba Yu, the cold, dangerous, and emotionally scarred prince who really wants to run the empire and sees the smart Wei Young as his tool and his older brother as his rival, is also in competition with him. Wei Young, on the other hand, can only think about one thing: she couldn't save her people. Wei Young is living in enemy territory, which makes it hard for her to get her kingdom back.
Released: 2016-11-11
Genre: Drama
Duration: 45 min
Country: China
Production: Croton Media

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