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People, Dragonoids, and Monsters populate the story's fantasy universe. The three races live in relative peace. Drops, spherical things that emerge from the planet, can power up Monsters. Humans and Dragonoids can become Dragon Callers if they can see the Drops, where monsters create relationships with humans. Currently, the globe is experiencing Drop Impacts, where a big amount of Drops suddenly appear in one region (and can spread), affecting the lands and driving the Monsters insane. In actuality, Dragon Callers are responsible for settling Drop Impacts by stabilizing Drop distribution. En route to becoming a Dragon Caller like his father, Ace meets Rena, the daughter of King (another powerful Dragon Caller). After discovering an egg of a virtually extinct Tamadra, he proceeds to Dragoza, a territory once inhabited only by Dragonoids, but now occupied by many Dragon Callers. As the book progresses, he forms friends with Charo and Tiger, as well as other Dragon Callers. The Ancients, a combination of Dragonoids and Humans, are the leaders of Dragoza's six areas. One of the Dragonoid Callers, Lance, continually encounters Ace (although not as an opponent) and believes that the Dragonoids will save the planet. The series follows Ace, his pals, and others as they struggle to solve the mystery of Drop Impacts and preserve the Earth. Meanwhile, Dragonoids in Dragoza are oppressing Humans, claiming that they are the only race in Dragoza, the only Dragon Callers, and the only ones capable of saving the world.
Released: 2016-07-04
Genre: Animation
Casts: N/A
Duration: 24 min
Country: Japan
Production: N/A

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