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Brass is just a British comedy drama series produced and by Granada Television for ITV Channel 4. Found a Lancashire mining town in the 1930s, in Utterley, 1970s proved to be a comedy satirising the supersoaps like Dynasty and Dallas as well as the period dramas of the 1970s. Unusually there is no laughter trail and the humor deliberately kept dry, using subtle and convoluted wordplay comment on popular culture. Brass is northern English slang for"currency" and for"effrontery". The series also parodied the 1977 Granada television dramatisation of all Dickens' crisis, which also starred Timothy West. The show, developed Julian Roach and by John Stevenson, was put up to two feuding families--the inferior, workingclass Fairchilds, who dwelt from the Hardacre empire at a modest house leased along with the wealthy Hardacres. The Hardacre family was led by the callous self made businessman Bradley, who espoused his alcoholic aristocratic wife Lady Patience, along with Thatcherite rhetoric whilst discovering different hare brained schemes to produce his companies more effective so he could bag workers. The head of this Fairchilds was the stern"Red" Agnes, who spread militant socialist rhetoric around the Hardacre mine, mill and also munitions factory, and also her doltish, forelock-tugging husband George, who's dominated by his spouse along with his own manager. In a spin, Agnes was Bradley Hardacre's mistress.
Duration: 30 min
Country: United Kingdom
Production: N/A

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