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There is a secret in Brackenmore, which is a small town with a lot of close friends. The death of Kate's uncle, who she didn't know she had, forces her back to her ancestral home in the South of Ireland. It's a small, rural village in the middle of Ireland. Tom (D.J. McGrath) is a mysterious young local who helps her rediscover her long-forgotten roots and forget about the worries of her life in London right after she moves to the town where she was raised. In Brackenmore, the more Kate stays, the more she realizes that the eccentricities of its self-protective residents might be more dangerous than she first thought. The secluded family estate is hiding a dark and old secret. This is how it works: A fatal car crash is shown at the start of Brackenmore. The movie moves between classic horror and the occult as it weaves its way through your heart. As Hopkins uncovers the dark horror of Brackenmore, cinematographer Justin McCarthy keeps a steady hand. He captures the silent fear that grows as Hopkins learns more and more about Brackenmore.
Duration: 72 min
Country: Ireland
Production: Up Stream Films

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