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Millions of Jews from all over Europe are transported and murdered in German concentration camps during World War II. When German forces invade Norway, the Jews of Norway feel secure and protected. However, anti-Semitism knows no boundaries, and when the war in Europe escalates, the situation alters dramatically. Suddenly, their radios are confiscated; their passports are stamped with a large J; and one day, all men over the age of 15 are arrested and transported to prison camps. Many of the women left behind are too terrified to flee and are frantically hoping for their husbands and children to return home. Hundreds of Jews are rounded up by the police in the middle of the night on November26,1942, and carried to the Oslo dock. Men, women, children, the sick, and the elderly are coerced onto the German cargo ship "SS DONAU" despite their ignorance and fear. 532 Norwegian Jews, including 302 men, 188 women, and 42 children, are aboard the departing vessel. The ultimate station is Auschwitz.
Duration: 126 min
Country: Norway
Production: Fantefilm

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